Sunday, June 1, 2008

CoOl GaMeS

water fall reflection

On thursday, after we had our exhibition, we started a new UOI. It means that we have to care about our environment. For example small insects that we kill, plants that we pick and small animals home that we destroyed. The first thing we did is the field trip to the water fall. We went there by bus for 45 minutes and walk for 1,5 kilometres. Then I questioned the guide'' is the water cold''?'' just see later'' he said. Thre are eagles flying above the mountains with their mighty wings.

''There used to be 100 eagles flying''! the guide said, but now there are only 3-4 of them now. For 1,5 Kilometres of really really scary bumpy road we have finally reached the waterfall. Oh cold water splashing making the air cold. We swim in the cold cristal clear water. The water was reallyn really cold. After we swam we asked questions and they said this place is going to be a parking lot. Its quite sad don't you think?. We walked again to the bus, but the way to the bus was so long. really bumpy road and my drink has finished. At last we saw the bus and run as fast as we can. Its an incredible journey. Then come here before it turns into a parking lot.

Monday, May 26, 2008

UOI reflection

On friday, 9th oh may, we had an exhibition about the country that we make. In this topic we have to make what kind of goverment that we want, maps, emblems and national anthem.
We invited the Ps , GR1 and GR2 to see our exhibition. Some of them really like mine . The thing that I need to improve is making more interesting powerpoint. My strenght is explaning clearly with some fun and making the map of my country.

Forest report

Thre are many kinds of forest such as Boreal forest , bamboo forest , tropical rain forest and seasonal rain forest, but here in Indonesia we only have tropical rain forest where many kinds of animals live there. There also many kinds of really-really kinds of rare beatle suchas Caucasus beetle, Mollenkampi beetle and cantori pentagon beetle, and Cacasus beetla is the 2 strongest beetle that ever lived! The most common tree in the tropical rain forest in Indonesia is the Tapang tree. Sometimes leopards and Puma like to live there, but people cut down the trees so the leopards and pumas had no othe place to live.

Do you know why forest is a fragile environment area? Be cause people cut down trees and kill the animals in the forest nd making it endangered. One of the example of the forest in Indonesia is the Boroneo rain forest. Some of the forest in Indonesia is being cut down to make factories haer, people also kill the animals in that forest.They need to cut 30- 45 million trees to make just one factory per year!
people also cut down trees tomake paper and they need 5 big trucks full of trees.

The logging factory have destroyed 10 million forest every year! The biggest forest in Indonesia is 73 million hectaresand it is located in Sumatra. Indonesia's forest are being destroyed faster than any country on Earth!
It is no just destoyed by people but by natural disaster also like landslide, flood and eathquake. One of the biggest logging company is pt. erna djuliawati, Central Java.

Its also raining almost everyday in a rain forest.Rain forest grow near the equator. Sometimes the air get hotter and hotter, but it also getting colder and colder. That is my report about forest.


Saturday, April 5, 2008

My holiday

We had a holiday at march, the holiday was 11 days. At this 11 days holiday we went to singapore to check on my brother there, but before we went to singapore we went to my aunt house to see her baby. When we've reached the last 10 minutes there was traffic ahead. The traffic ended 30 minutes after.

Then we arrived at the airport. When we walk to the gate there was an annoucement that SQ was delayed and that was our plane. After 2 hours the gate opens. We went in and waited for 10 minutes. At the plane I watch Alvin and the chipmunks after I was bored I played games such as boxing, trivias and racing.

When we arrived we took our things and went to my brothers apartment. When we arrived he wwas watching the simpsons. At 7 o'clock we went to bought foods at a restaurant called Loy Kee. The next day we went to Takashimaya to buy the things I want and my mom. I bought cards, transformers, bionicles and legos.

Then the day arrived for us to went home. Our plane was at 5 o'clock so we went to shop first. Then after we shop we went to the airport. We saw the huge terminal 3. After we saw that we ate fish and co and terminal 2. After that we went in to the gate and waited. Then the plane arrives to Jakarta and my nanny pick us.

Monday, March 17, 2008

CH 1 and CH 16

One there was 4 very old people, their names are Grndpa Joe and Grandma Joesphine, the parents of Mr.Bucket , Grandpa gorge and GrandmaGeorgina, the parents of Mrs.Bucket and they had a little boy called charlie. They live together in a small wooden house on the edge of a great town. Their live was not comfortable and their house was nearly not fit for them all, there were two rooms and one bed for Mr and Mrs. Bucket's parents.

They wanted to buy a new house but, they were far to poor for that. Mr.Bucket was the only one who had a job and he didn't so many money. They only ate bread and margarine for breakfast, cabbage and boiled potatoes and cabbage soup for supper. Charlie felt the worst of all. They had to share and the left overs is for Charlie. Every time in the mrnig while he walked to school he could see great slabs of chocolate and he really loves chocolate but, he can only get it on special occation only. Then the day has come he bought one and only takes a tiny nibble everyday. The next day he saw a enourmous chocolate factory. Twice a day he whould go there and smell the scent. He wanted to see the inside of it.

Ch 16

When they get inside the factory there were Wonka's secret workers called the Oompa-Loompas. Mr. Wonka got it from Loompaland but, Mrs. Salt don't belive him. So Mr. Wonka told how the story goes. There was a country that have terrible creatures, one of the wicked ones are the Wangdoodles. It could eat 10 Oompa-Loompas for break fast. They lived on a green caterpillar. Every day they find red belltle or other bugs to be mash up. The Oompa-Loompas ate cacao beans and if they have find 3-4 cacao beans a year they were lucky. Then Mr. Wonka strated to make chocolates after that problem. He used 1 billion cacao beans every week for the factory. Then Veruca salt wanted it and she wanted now, but her father said later, after this trip. When Mrs.Gloop called his son, he was scooping chocolate as fast as he can from the chocolare river.