Saturday, April 5, 2008

My holiday

We had a holiday at march, the holiday was 11 days. At this 11 days holiday we went to singapore to check on my brother there, but before we went to singapore we went to my aunt house to see her baby. When we've reached the last 10 minutes there was traffic ahead. The traffic ended 30 minutes after.

Then we arrived at the airport. When we walk to the gate there was an annoucement that SQ was delayed and that was our plane. After 2 hours the gate opens. We went in and waited for 10 minutes. At the plane I watch Alvin and the chipmunks after I was bored I played games such as boxing, trivias and racing.

When we arrived we took our things and went to my brothers apartment. When we arrived he wwas watching the simpsons. At 7 o'clock we went to bought foods at a restaurant called Loy Kee. The next day we went to Takashimaya to buy the things I want and my mom. I bought cards, transformers, bionicles and legos.

Then the day arrived for us to went home. Our plane was at 5 o'clock so we went to shop first. Then after we shop we went to the airport. We saw the huge terminal 3. After we saw that we ate fish and co and terminal 2. After that we went in to the gate and waited. Then the plane arrives to Jakarta and my nanny pick us.