Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Beatrix Potter

Do you think animals can behave like humans? Is your imagination deep? If not , read this and you will know more about Beatrix Potter. She was the creator of Peter Rabbit.

She thought her drawings could really behave like humans. She also talked with her own drawings. Her books were really famous. Her family was a rich family. She drew from when she was little until she was an adult.

She met Mr.Warne the publisher of her book. Mr.Warne wanted to marry her ,but her mother did no allowed her. She wrote letters to Mr.Warne, but when she wrote the letters nobody answered. She was panicked, but when she arrived there she is to late because he had died.She bought tophill farm. She met her old friend called Willie.

She wanted to marry him.So they married her, and they bought more farm. She keeps drawing and drawing.The live happily ever after.