Sunday, June 1, 2008

water fall reflection

On thursday, after we had our exhibition, we started a new UOI. It means that we have to care about our environment. For example small insects that we kill, plants that we pick and small animals home that we destroyed. The first thing we did is the field trip to the water fall. We went there by bus for 45 minutes and walk for 1,5 kilometres. Then I questioned the guide'' is the water cold''?'' just see later'' he said. Thre are eagles flying above the mountains with their mighty wings.

''There used to be 100 eagles flying''! the guide said, but now there are only 3-4 of them now. For 1,5 Kilometres of really really scary bumpy road we have finally reached the waterfall. Oh cold water splashing making the air cold. We swim in the cold cristal clear water. The water was reallyn really cold. After we swam we asked questions and they said this place is going to be a parking lot. Its quite sad don't you think?. We walked again to the bus, but the way to the bus was so long. really bumpy road and my drink has finished. At last we saw the bus and run as fast as we can. Its an incredible journey. Then come here before it turns into a parking lot.

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