Monday, May 26, 2008

Forest report

Thre are many kinds of forest such as Boreal forest , bamboo forest , tropical rain forest and seasonal rain forest, but here in Indonesia we only have tropical rain forest where many kinds of animals live there. There also many kinds of really-really kinds of rare beatle suchas Caucasus beetle, Mollenkampi beetle and cantori pentagon beetle, and Cacasus beetla is the 2 strongest beetle that ever lived! The most common tree in the tropical rain forest in Indonesia is the Tapang tree. Sometimes leopards and Puma like to live there, but people cut down the trees so the leopards and pumas had no othe place to live.

Do you know why forest is a fragile environment area? Be cause people cut down trees and kill the animals in the forest nd making it endangered. One of the example of the forest in Indonesia is the Boroneo rain forest. Some of the forest in Indonesia is being cut down to make factories haer, people also kill the animals in that forest.They need to cut 30- 45 million trees to make just one factory per year!
people also cut down trees tomake paper and they need 5 big trucks full of trees.

The logging factory have destroyed 10 million forest every year! The biggest forest in Indonesia is 73 million hectaresand it is located in Sumatra. Indonesia's forest are being destroyed faster than any country on Earth!
It is no just destoyed by people but by natural disaster also like landslide, flood and eathquake. One of the biggest logging company is pt. erna djuliawati, Central Java.

Its also raining almost everyday in a rain forest.Rain forest grow near the equator. Sometimes the air get hotter and hotter, but it also getting colder and colder. That is my report about forest.


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